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Sepsis Webinar Series:

Are you aware of the continuing risk of septic transfusion reactions?
We will bring you up to date with the latest, most relevant insights in a series of short educational webinars hosted by experts to cover key subjects:


Part 2: Rationale on why bacterial contaminations don’t always cause clinical sepsis

Video 1:
(Runtime 10 min)
Introduction: Review of bacterial risk control strategies for platelet concentrates
Marion Lanteri | Global Scientific Affairs Director | Cerus Global Headquarters

Video 2:
(Runtime 20 min)
Merits and pitfalls of automated bacterial culture methods in improving bacterial safety of platelet concentrates

Sandra Ramirez-Arcos | Senior Scientist, Canadian Blood Services and Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa | Ottawa, Canada

Video 3:
(Runtime 26 min)
Reduction in the risk of bacterial contamination, platelet components prepared with Amotosalen-UVA photochemical treatment. What can we conclude after 15 years of routine experience?

Laurence Corash | Chief Scientific Officer |  Cerus Global Headquarters