Blood Matters


Cerus’ new corporate brand is inspired by its unwavering commitment to blood safety and availability for improved patient outcomes. With a nearly three-decade history in the field of transfusion medicine, Cerus is looking to use its new Blood Matters campaign to further refine its corporate identity as the market leader and innovation engine for pathogen reduction technologies. Updating its corporate brand provides the opportunity to build upon this established expertise, while emphasizing Cerus’ long-term strategy to develop next-generation technologies, to expand its portfolio of blood products.

Cerus’ new brand campaign demonstrates its dedication to:

Safeguarding the World’s Blood Supply

Chronic blood shortages, emerging pathogens and increasing risks of transfusion-associated infections have heightened the need for blood safety and availability. Cerus is dedicated solely to safeguarding the world’s blood supply and providing innovative solutions to improve blood safety, access and patient survival.

Offering Inventive Solutions for Blood Safety and Access

Cerus’ INTERCEPT Blood System is the leading pathogen reduction technology for ensuring the safety of the blood supply. We are taking advantage of the most extensive scientific and clinical data in the blood transfusion space to develop next generation technologies to expand our portfolio of blood products.

Enhancing Our Partners’ Operations and Reputation

We collaborate and partner with many of the world’s leading blood centers and hospitals and are committed to their success. By applying our expertise in all aspects of the blood supply chain we help them become more proficient in achieving our shared goal of improved patient care.

Making a Lasting Impact on Patients Around the World

At Cerus, blood safety is personal because protecting patient health and well-being is why we exist. Our passion drives us to go the extra mile so that patients everywhere can have access to safe blood in their time of need. 

In addition to the new brand campaign, Cerus has recently moved and consolidated its corporate offices to a new facility in Concord California. The new location will provide a basis for future expansion, greater teamwork and communication as the business grows enabling Cerus to execute on its mission to establish INTERCEPT as the standard of care for transfused components