ISBT 2017 Copenhagen

XXVIIth Regional Congress of the ISBT
(International Society for Blood Transfusion)
June 17 - 21, 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Cerus is pleased to participate at the 27th regional congress of the ISBT, one of the premier congresses and international forums for blood transfusion science and medicine worldwide. This year 16 abstracts (including 3 orals) featured experiences with the INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets, plasma and red blood cells.  New data presented supports the European launch of the triple storage platelet kit, development progress for the INTERCEPT Blood System for Red Blood Cells, as well as novel applications for pathogen-reduced cryoprecipitate and cryo-poor plasma.  

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Download the Complete INTERCEPT Abstract Compilation from the 2017 ISBT Congress (pdf)

Oral Presentations

Monday - June 19th, 2017: 08:45 - 09:00 |  Blood Products - Transfusion Technology
Cryopreservation of Buffy Coat Platelet Concentrates Photochemically Treated With Amotosalen and UVA Light
P Sandgren

Monday - June 19th, 2017: 16:42 - 16:54 | Blood Products - Alternative Treatments
Effect of Pathogen Inactivation On the Quality and miRNA Profile of Platelet Concentrates During Storage Under Standard Blood Banking Conditions
Níels Árni Árnason, Ragna Landrö, Óttar Rolfsson et al

Tues - June 20th, 2017: 17:00 - 17:15 | Blood Safety - New Methods
Pathogen Inactivation of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya Viruses in All Blood Components
D Musso, F Santa Maria, A Laughhunn et al 

Poster Presentations

INTERCEPT Blood System for Platelets

[P-255] Storage Study of Apheresis Platelets In Additive Solution After Photochemical Treatment Using a Novel Triple Storage Set
A Lotens, N de Valensart, S Acquart et al
[Poster Pdf]

[P-259] Evaluation of Apheresis Platelets Processed with the Intercept Blood System for Platelets Triple Storage Set
T David, C Stanley, M Kelher et al
[Poster pdf]

[P-260] Operational Validation of the Preparation of Pathogen Inactivated Double Dose Buffy Coat Platelet Concentrates
R Landro, B Hardarson, S Matthiasdottir et al
[Poster pdf]

[P-267] In Vitro Storage Quality of Triple Dose Apheresis Versus Single Dose Whole Blood Derived Photochemically Treated Platelet Concentrates
F Kahlenberg, A Zimmermann, A Wahler et al

[P-270] Implementation of Double Dose Pathogen Inactivated Platelets in Routine With Productivity and Cost Optimization
MB S. Madsen
[Poster pdf]

[P-273] Effectiveness of Amotosalen/UVA Light Pathogen-Reduced Platelets Transfused to Adult Patients
RF Ayupova, US Sultanbaev, EB Zhiburt

[P-275] Effective Pathogen Inactivation in Triple Set Kits for Platelets Suspended in Platelet Additive Solution (PAS-III)
N Patel, K Goldbeck, F Santa Maria et al
[Poster pdf]

[P-640] Comparison of Amotosalen/UVA light pathogen-reduced platelets in 100% plasma versus Amotosalen/UVA light pathogen-reduced platelets in PAS: in vitro functional and survival parameters
MH Azimova, GM Galstyn, TV Gaponova et al

INTERCEPT Blood System for Plasma

[P-262] Evaluation of Pathogen Reduced (Amotosalen-UVA) Pooled Cryoprecipitate and Cryoprecipitate-Poor Plasma
L Amorim, T Ferreira, J Oliveira et al
[Poster pdf]

[P-266] Pathogen Inactivation of Whole Blood (WB) Derived Plasma with Amotosalen/UVA: Results from a Validation in vitro Study
K Rosskopf, F Prüller, W Helmberg et al

INTERCEPT Blood System for Red Blood Cells

[P-250] Characterization of Intercept Blood System for Red Blood Cells Using SAGM RBCs Prepared Using Manual and Automated Whole Blood Separation Techniques
Y Aydinok, C Sonar, A Kucukaslan et al
[Poster pdf]

[P-256] Robustness of the Intercept Blood System for Red Blood Cells
A Erickson, M Schott, B Warbington et al
[Poster pdf]

INTERCEPT Blood System for Whole Blood

[P-386] Robust Inactivation of Duck Hepatitis B Virus with Amustaline/GSH in Whole Blood
A Laughhunn, S Conway, N Mufti et al
[Poster pdf]

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